Online Dating: When Not To Respond To An E-mail

Online dating is still a very safe form of getting to know someone. Learning extra safety measures can only be in your favor, and make it even safer, and more enjoyable for you. This advice will guide you as to when not to respond to e-mails, winks, smiles and any other form of communication.Receiving a flirtWhen another singles first sends you a flirt for that initial contact and they provide no other information. They should at least send you an e-mail first as an introduction.Most services provide smiles and winks on their trials before you’re allowed any e-mails. But these should only be used on singles that have at least browsed your profile.No photoWith today’s technology every member of an online dating service should have a photo on their profile. If they haven’t there must be a reason for it, and it’s probably not a good one. Even a photo of poor quality is better than no photo. If it’s very poor quality your judgement will need to come into play.Very brief profileIf their profile is only a couple of lines of text. If what they do, what they aspire to do and their interests are only a couple of lines what would dating them be like anyway.It’s just another sign that they could be hiding things or they really have nothing to hide what so ever.Nothing about youIf someone sends you an e-mail that looks like it could be sent to anyone. Where they haven’t mentioned anything about you and it’s obvious they haven’t read your profile. This could be an e-mail that has been sent to many singles just fishing for a response.What they wantIf they are not bothered what they want in a person they’re probably only there for one thing. So any singles who tick any or all, in what they are looking for, should be avoided. If they don’t know what they are looking for in someone then they shouldn’t be wasting other single’s time by contacting them.Cold callersSingles who grab an opportunity to have an instant message session just because they have seen you online. The only exception being – you’ve already browsed their profile or they’re following up an e-mail.They ask for a date immediatelySometimes you will get a single ask you for a date with their first e-mail. Avoid these singles like the plague. Anything could happen to you if you went on a date after receiving someone’s first e-mail. Avoid anyone that asks for more personal information that isn’t on your profile in their first contact with you. Again stay away from these singles.If you don’t respond to time wasters or singles that would be better off on an adult dating site your online dating adventure will be a very enjoyable one.

Finding an Online Dating Service for Adults

Here are some things to consider if you are interested in joining an online dating service for adults. The first thing to know is that with the multitude of sites available it pays to do some research before you join one. You may find yourself disappointed if you sign up to the first one you run across.The reason to do some up front research is that there are sites that cater to just about everyone. Some specialize in a particular religion preference to sites that are designed for those who are only interested in a quick fling and everything in between. It is important to know what you are looking for when it comes to online dating so that you can choose a site that specializes in that area.Once you have narrowed down what you are looking for when it comes to finding a date or relationship you can start pinpointing which service will work best for you. To help you here is a list of the some of the different type’s online dating services for adults:Soul Mate or Life Partner: These are the sites you see the commercial on TV for. They specialize in finding that perfect someone with whom you can have a long and meaningful relationship with, maybe even getting married.Religious: A variation on the soul mate dating site, these type of sites target a specific religious preference matching people who share the same religious beliefs and views.Sexual Partner: These sites are specifically set up for adults looking for someone to have a purely physical relationship with. Do be warned that they can have highly charged sexual content on them and they normally charge more then more mainstream sites.Friends: While these types of sites don’t necessarily qualify as dating sites they are a good way to meet and interact with other people. Sites such as MySpace or FriendFinder are great ways to meet new and interesting people or even find old friends you may have fallen out of touch with.Specialty Dating Services: These types of sites are more location specific. They specialize in matching people who live in the same general area. These adult dating sites are good choices for those who do not want to travel far for dating purposes.Using an online dating service for adults is a great way to meet new people who may be of interest to you in a romantic sense. You can literally connect with people all over the world, greatly increasing your chances of finding that someone special who may just be the one you have been searching for.

The Hazards of Gay Dating Online

There are potential hazards with any kind of dating online, if you are a teen, you run the risk of meeting a pedophile who pretends to be a person of your age in order to entice you into meeting them somewhere outside of cyberspace. If you are a senior, you run the risk of meeting a con artist who will prey on your loneliness to take advantage of you, but if you are a gay person dating online, you run the risk of becoming a victim of a hate crime.Take the case of Martin, who had joined an online dating website and was making regular contact with other gay men via the chat room. Eventually he met Earl and started an online romance. He and Earl chatted two or three times a week for months before Earl initiated outside contact. Martin agreed to meet Earl at a yacht club and go for an evening sail. There was no one else around and it was starting to get dark when Earl finally showed up. After introducing himself, Earl’s friends appeared from the other end of the dock and beat Martin within inches of his life. Martin was lucky-he lived even though he spent three weeks in the hospital and had to undergo painful physical rehabilitation.Unfortunately, Martin’s story is becoming all too common with gay dating online.Gay bashers posing as gay men online in order to lure unsuspecting people out to get beat up can be avoided. While you can never be sure that the person you have met online is who they say they are, there are precautions you can take to insure your safety. The first being, never agree to meet someone from an adult dating service online in a secluded spot, always meet socially, where there is a large group of people and have a way to leave if you are not comfortable. This is rule number one of online dating tips. If you have any reservations do not go; you can do a back ground check (if you have their real name) with a number of online security check websites.Online dating can be a fun, safe way to meet new people, if you keep your own safety as the number one objective when meeting in person.